Tuesday, May 06, 2008

TK421! I'm not reading you!

With mammoth publishers like DC and Marvel Comics located deep within it’s iconic skyline, New York City is the default Comic Book Capitol of the world. And high profile, well-respected imprints such as Dark Horse and Oni Press make Portland, Oregon fecund breeding ground for indy comics. Denver? We got… four professional sports teams! And… 17 percent less oxygen than those ocean-side suckers! But 2 Denver creators are looking to fill the mile high city’s funny book void with their super-powered, high-heeled crime fighter…

Wha… huh…?

Ooh. Sorry about that. My “voice” got stuck on “Onion-mode” there for a minute. I’ve been busy with a bunch of features lately; which, of course, is why I’ve been neglecting the ol’ blog (but you knew I was going to say that, didn’t you?)

Keeping with my tradition of un-timely (timeless?) blog entries, here’s a photo from May 3rd, 2008, when number 1 son and I took part in “Free Comic Book Day”.

“TK421! I'm not reading you!” Ha! Ha Ha!

(whew) Man, I crack me up.

(All you non-geeks can Google that yourselves. The fact that I got beat up constantly in elementary school for my encyclopedic knowledge of pop-cultural ephemera means I don’t have to do your work for you)

See, the boy – while he’s over that stage of being SCARED of having his picture taken with an iconic licensed character, he’s now moving into that stage of being TOO COOL to have his picture taken with an iconic licensed character. Which means that’s me (or at least my shirt) posing with the leg of one the most feared foot soldiers in the galaxy. Alas, my son's aim is about on par with that of the average trooper. (Now, if *I* was going to plot to take over the galaxy and declare myself Emperor, I’d probably build my clone army from a guy who didn’t have severe stigmatism. But that’s just me.)

Jeez. Free Comic Book Day. Probably 4 of the greatest words in the entire English language. Add “boobs, coffee, and” to the middle, and you’ve pretty much described my own personal afterlife, if I’ve been really, reaaaally good. And what a boon for a frugal geek like me! While I’ve rediscovered and embraced my inner dork, I’m still pretty cheap (as my wife will attest, every birthday, anniversary, and Christmas). I generally get my fix of Alan Moore and Jack Kirby’s oeuvre from the public library. But not on the first Saturday of every May, baby! I came out with 27 issues worth of dead tree! Sure, there were some duds, but stuff like “All Star Superman” and “Love and Capes” make it worth all the comic shop-hopping.

Of course, I'm not just a geek. Oh, no - those books were collected and studied in the name of research. For I am an aspiring professional after all.

It's kind of weird, the first answer I gave as a kid to that dreadful question "what do you want to be when you grow up?" was "comic book writer"... who would have thought that all the anwsers I gave since then were so wrong?

Just what am I talking about? Nope! Sorry - TOO SOON! There are still rights to be secured, major motion picture franchise deals to be inked. But soon, dear reader... SOON, the whole world will know of the genre (and gender) bending tale of derring-do that I'm bringing to life (co-created with the help of the brilliant artist (and good friend) Michael Payne)

Until then, here's a little, itty-bitty sneak peak...

Life is good...