Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Coffee Science Theater 3000!

Man, if you've got a high speed conection, is the promise of the internet fullfilled. WAY better than the jet packs and robot servants we thought we'd get, living in the 21st century... Kaiju action, 60's comercials, Japanese Spiderman, the opening credits of "Joanie Loves Chachi" ... between this site and the new, "Doctor Who" series (which is the first science fiction show to capture my attention and imagination in quite some time) I can't believe I 86'd my "Popflotsam" blog last week.

In honor of my wife, who is letting me use her computer (since I've been too busy to blog at work) I'm posting a couple of clips featuring 2 of her favorite men. And no, neither of them is me.

This 1984 campaign was designed to target the emerging yuppy class and offer them a viable alternative to cocaine. Look at the star power they got - Vonnegut! Bowie! Cicely Tyson! Cicely Tyson?! Just listen to her voice; she needed the caffeine in order to amp up and bitch slap that dude!

Here we have Ewan McGreggor, one of the greatest film actors of our generation. Notice how he levitates that beverage - yeah, sorry, boy-o; "the force" is going to stick to your career like "stale" to a cup of Diedrich's coffee.

I had a can of "Roots" once. I'd maybe consider drinking another if they gave me all that schwag on display at the end of the commercial.

(for the record, the "favorite guy" in the first commercial is David Bowie, not Kenny Anderson. In case you were wondering.)


totalvo said...

that is fucked Up.. I am glad i gave coffee up.. I am having a nice cup of green tea right now

caffeinator_x said...

Dude, you're just jealous... admit it - you want to be just like Nancy Wilson of "Heart"

This and That said...

Thanks for the homage to Bowie and Ewan. The best part is that somehow the coffee helped Cicely Tyson not only smack that guy better but win an award for it at the end of the commercial. I think I need to start drinking coffee again.

This and That said...

don't even know if 'homage' is a word....I made it up because it sounded good..blame my father for that trait.