Wednesday, January 30, 2008


1 (one) 450 word story, interviewing an employee of the local erotic bakery about their chosen profession.

1 (one) 850 word story about The World Romantic; who, in my opinion, deserve every word of positive press that I, and every other alterna-weekly lackey in town, can possibly give them.

due Feb 4.

25 (twenty-five) 75 - 100 word blurbs about local eateries and bars.

In Aurora.

due (ahem) January 31st.

and I'm not even hungry.

The 25 x 100 words - I'll have that every week for the next 4 weeks.

I repeat: "yow".


Big Daddy said...

And I complain when I have to come up with 500 words.


Our feature pieces though are 1500 words.

Good luck!

Ted said...

1500 words? Man, I would jump and the chance to prattle on for that long...

whozat for again?

Big Daddy said...

303 Magazine.