Friday, August 22, 2008

Last Night a DJ Saved My Life!

Ugh. Not really. I’ve interviewed 4 (four) different DJs in the last 3 (three) days for a feature I’m working on. And last Friday, Scooterdad and I went out to Lipgloss to hear Happy Mondays founding member Paul Ryder (brother of lead singer Shawn ("It’s Dare!”) Ryder) spin a set. (Not that he actually spun – he just sat on the floor of the booth and told Tyler and Michael what to play).

So perhaps a more appropriate song for me right now would be –

No, no, they’re all great, and I think the feature will be pretty cool. I like that I get to have some exposure to new music this far out of my 20s. When Depeche Mode’s “Just Can’t Get Enough” is used to promote a shoe store’s “Buy One Get One” sale, I know that I’ve been out of the loop.

I’m just running on fumes at the moment. I finally coughed out a feature on cupcakes that I’ve been trying to get throught for the last month. Then, I helped our commercial producer out w/ a spot on Wednesday (eating away 10 more seconds of my 15 minutes of fame)

...and yesterday morning, I snuck out of work for half an hour to interview with an advertising agency. That last I probably shouldn’t even be bringing up, seeing as I’m wicked superstitious when it comes to letting people know that I'm applying for new jobs. But I just can’t help myself… in so far as I’ve had any “plan” at all in my life, my plan has been to translate my "traffic coordinator" experience into an agency setting; then to see where I can go from there.

That, and to make a cool million from the comic book (what with all the tee-shirt sales and everything...)

Wish Me Luck!

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