Thursday, April 20, 2006

Jack'd Blak

I finally got a chance to sample a bottle of the new Coca Cola Blak. Okay, okay, so I had four bottles. They were on sale for .50 cents each... I was supposed to save at least one, so I could get scooterdad's take - but what can I say? After a years-long embargo on soda, I had been drinking the stuff during my vacation in S. America, where, I have my suspicions, they may still use cocaine as a key ingredient. My insatiable addiction was back in full swing. The sad sordid truth rears it's ugly head; I cannot hold my sugar.

Suddenly, I was that 11 year old borderline-anorexic all over again, with all the obsessive compulsive behavior that implies. If you were to look at this in psychoananlytic terms, the super-ego would put the stuff aside altogether; the ego could have practiced moderation, or at the very least would have made some attempt at rationalizing my indiscretion. Alas - I may not be a Freudian, but baby, I was ALL ID. Once you take a bite of the forbidden fruit, you're goin' down anyway, right? Deciding to enjoy the trip, I poured the stuff down my gullet, in the manner of anyone suffering from DT's.

This proved to be problematic, and not just because it was the twisted behavior of an addict, but because that first gulp, which amounted to half the bottle, tasted precisely like a drink of plain ol' American Co-Cola. The coffee flavor is more of an aftertaste (as in way after - like, time released poison after) which, in the manner of most coffee flavored products, after-tasted like Hello, Boss.

Scooter-d did finally get a hit (not from my stash) but his assessment was essentially the same as mine. "Not bad". But is anyone really gonna pay One Bone-Seventy when they could enjoy the Th' Boss for half that?

For my part, I'm gonna stick with drinking my coffee black, rather than "Blak".