Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Coffee Science Theater 3000 PART DUEX !

As any frequent blogger has no doubt experienced by now, blogspot is running SSSSSsssssslllllllooooowwwww. I'm begining to suspect, however, that the problem isn't limited solely to our gracious web-host. To wit; I'm having about a 50 percent success rate logging into my yahoo email account, and my broadband connections, both at work and at home, are running slower than usual.

Has my obsessive compulsive quest for clips from Mexican wrestling movies and information about the nature of warp drive finally caused the world wide web to seize up? Have I broken the internet?

If you're one of the lucky ones who can still abuse your internet privliges at work, you should definitely check out the following clips...

I find it interesting that the Japanese have the same pavlovian response to strangely familiar green labels and ubiquitous references to Washington state as we here in the US do. I like to think that I myself am above such knee jerk reactions to television advertising, but I gotta tell ya, if Jodie Foster circa the mid-1990's tells me to put something in my mouth... boy, I'll do whatever she says. RRROWR!

... Here we have a true anomoly; a commercial directed by that most un-commercial of directors - Mr. David Lynch(!) When I first came across this, I had to comb the internets to convince myself this was truly his, and not just a parody of his work. I've never been a fan (which, I realize, strips me of many layers of indy/arty street cred)... but seeing as "Georgia" is essentially Coca Cola Blak with different packaging - I believe the product and the artist were made for each other!


Blackpetunia said...

I had no idea Lynch did commercials of any kind.
Internet has sucked lately, if you broke it for Mexican wrestling you have a lot to answer for..

mimi said...

what exactly was Jodie Foster smiling about in that commercial? the plants, the neighbor? the david lynch one was cool..but coffee in a can just looks wrong!

caffeinator_x said...


If you check out, you'll find all sorts of people you'd never expect expressing their commercial sensibilities. And never doubt the spiritual liberation that comes from watching men in what are essentially bondage masks fighting 1940's b-movie monsters!


I told you to never call me here... my wife is begining to suspect something!

mimi said...

haha..your wife is a lucky girl!!